wrist brace with thumb

The Wristband with Thumb is designed to protect, aid, and partially immobilize the palm and the wrist while compressing the area, retaining body heat, and allaying inflammation and pain. At the same time ensure that the fingers and thumb are not restricted nor feel fatigued in any way and are allowed natural and free movement.

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist evenly around the joints.
2. Separate the velcro straps to be able to wear the wrist band.
3. Insert the thumb into the given thumb hole.
4. The shorter end of the band should go over the upper surface of the hand.
5. Wrap this end around the paw before bringing in the longer end over it.
6. Drape the band around the wrist.
7. Tighten the strap to a comfortable compression before fastening the velcro ends together.
8. To remove, unstick the velcro strips and unwrap the wrist band from the hand.

1. The wrist band with the thumb is applied to protect, support, and stabilize wrist and palm suffering from pain and inflammation due to cramps, sprain, strain, injury or old age.
2. The product can also be worn if the wrist and thumb area are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, tendonitis, ligament tear in the thumb, and joint injury in the carpometacarpal area.

3. The product can be worn while doing daily activities and even when exercising.
4. The wrist band with the thumb is an ideal postoperative rehabilitator as it provides
four-way compression and optimum therapeutic warmth.

1. The wrist band provides extra grip and better support to the semi-immobile hand.
2. The extra porous material soaks sweat quickly, preventing rashes and itching.
3. The band offers controlled compression.
4. The placement of the thumb hole is anatomically designed to provide no fatigue, comfort, relaxation, healing, and pain relief to the abducted thumb.
5. The wrist band allows free and natural movement of fingers even with palm and wrist partially immobilized.
6. The product retains the body heat to counteract the inflammation and pain in the affected area.
7. The elastic webbing is of high quality, thus making the band durable, strong, and comfortable.
8. The high elasticity modulus of lycra allows the product to retain its size and shape even after a long time.
9. The product is easy to wear and remove, with universal sizing that offers a better fit for all hand sizes.
10. The layered nylon gives the product longevity, good aesthetics, and colourfastness.

Stop using the product and consult a doctor immediately in case of any of the following:
1. There is increase or persistence in pain.
2. Impaired sensation.
3. Rashes, redness, or itching.
4. Swelling or discolouration of the skin due to restricted blood flow.
5. Improper use or misuse of the product can lead to it being ineffective and cause graver effects.
6. Follow the instructions given by the doctor and those mentioned on the box diligently.
7. The product is not meant for children. Keep it away from them.

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