Wrist Binder

The Wrist Band provides ortho relief, support, and protection to wrists suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome during daily and strenuous sports and gym activities. Besides giving compression to the affected area, it also retains body heat to allay pain as well as inflammation.

1. Separate the velcro straps to make the wrist brace ready for use.
2. Wrap the band around your wrist.
3. Tighten the strap to a comfortable compression.
4. Fasten the velcro straps once the brace is securely tightened around your wrist.
5. Smoothen the edges.
6. Ensure the band is neither too tight nor too loose around your wrist.
7. To remove the wrist band, just unfasten the velcro straps slowly.

1. The wrist band is designed to offer mild compression and partial immobilization while stabilizing and supporting the wrist.
2. It does so without compromising the dexterity and movement of the hand.
3. The band compresses the area that is injured in a manner that helps to relieve inflammation and pain caused by injury or age.
4. It can be worn to support the wrists while participating in high octane physical activities.
5. It can also be worn as post-surgery rehabilitative care.

1. The UBL fabric and wrap-around design of the wrist band make it easy to apply and remove.
2. It provides extra grip for better support and excellent strength, customized compression, good fit, better sizing, and wrist stabilization.
3. The brace offers four-way compression.
4. The band gives ideal therapeutic warmth.
5. It comes in multiple sizes, ensuring universal sizing and better fitting.
6. The band is aesthetically pleasing, soft and comfortable to feel and touch, and has fastened colours.
7. The wrist brace is extra porous ensuring quick absorption of sweat.
8. The brace offers optimal support for conducting daily activities as well as when playing hard sports.
9. Made of neoprene bonded nylon, the band is strong, durable, and stretchable.
10. The high elasticity ensures that the band retains its size and shape for a longer period of time.

1. In case any of the following happen, stop using the product and consult a doctor immediately:
2. Allergy itching or rash.
3. Impaired blood flow,
4. Increase or persistence in pain, or Swelling.
5. Consult a qualified professional before extended use of the wrist band, especially while performing extreme strenuous physical activities.
6. Improper use or misuse of the band can lead to serious consequences.
7. Follow the instructions given by the medical practitioner and the ones on the box, diligently.
8. Keep the product of the reach of children.

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