Tennis elbow support

The Tennis Elbow Support is designed to remove stress and offer support, warmth, and compression to the epicondyles. The band allows easy movement and comfort to the elbow and forearm joint suffering from pain, stiffness, and inflammation caused due to medical and lateral epicondylitis brought upon by sports injury, arthritis, or old age.

1. Measure the circumference around your elbow in its extended position to buy the corresponding size.
2. Open the hook and loop strap to make the product ready for use.
3. Place the tennis elbow support band on the forearm.
4. Ensure that it is placed 2 inches below the elbow.
5. Make sure that the pressure pad is applied effectively on the affected area.
6. Thread the strap through the T-ring of the hook and loop closure.
7. Tighten it for ideal compression, sufficient pressure, and comfort. 
8. Adjust the band as needed before sticking the velcro straps securely.
9. Make sure that the elbow is able to move when pressure is applied.
10. To remove, detach the velcro straps gently and unhook it from the loop closure.

1. The tennis elbow support is designed to offer support, warmth, and firm compression to elbow and forearm joint.
2. The band attempts to heal the pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the epicondyles region caused due to a sports injury, arthritis, or old age.
3. The product is anatomically designed with an extra stretch at the elbow to provide patient compliance, more comfort, ideal compression, easy movement, and better grip needed while going through daily routine and even hectic sports activities.                                                                                                                                              4. It is an ideal post-operative rehabilitator.

1. The elbow support is lightweight because of which it is easy to use and remove.
2. The dual-layered cotton on the inside makes the product soft and comfortable and freely breathable that ensures that there is dermophilic interphase with the skin.
3. The product has a double layer of nylon on the outside that gives it endurance, colourfastness, and good aesthetics.
4.  The tennis elbow support retains body heat to speed up healing and reduce pain and inflammation.
5. The snug fit of the band offers ideal compression, easy movement of the elbow, and a good grip.
6. The anatomically designed product can be stretched four ways and still retain its original size and shape.
7. The band absorbs vibrations effectively allowing the affected area to remain safe and secure.
8. Targeted compression for a customized effect.

1. Do not use the product any further and contact your doctor immediately in case you
notice any of the following:
2. Redness, rashes, and itching in the area.
3. Increase or persistence in pain.
4. Impaired blood flow.
5. Swelling.
6. Unable to feel the area.
7. Consult the doctor in case you need to use the product for longer periods of time to perform strenuous physical activities.
8. Follow the instructions given by the doctor and the ones on the box strictly.
9. Improper use or misuse of the product can lead to it being rendered ineffective and may lead to adverse consequences.
10. The product is not meant for children. Keep it out of their reach.

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