Lumbo Sacral Belt

The Lumbar Belt is an orthotic device that holds the lumbar and sacral regions in a neutral position to relieve lower back pain caused due to bad posture, postural deformities and fatigue, degenerative changes and osteoporotic pain of the spine, intervertebral disk issues, spondylolisthesis, and lumbar spondylitis.

1. Separate the velcro straps so that the lumbar belt can be used.
2. Wrap the belt around the waist.
3. Make sure that the product is placed around your waist in an upright position.
4. On the side panel on the inside of the product is a tag that says ‘Up’. It indicates the top end of the belt.
5. The back panel should be positioned in the lumbar region.
6. The lower edges of the belt should be about 2-5 inches below the waist, near the sacral region.
7. Fasten the velcro ends securely, in a manner that offers ideal compression.
8. Pull and fasten the double elastic fasteners around your waist for added grip and  firmness.
9. Ensure that the belt is fastened securely and is comfortable around your abdomen.
10. Unfasten the velcro straps to remove the product.

1. The orthopaedic abdominal support belt is designed to provide comfortable compression to the lower back and all the pain in the lumbar and sacral regions.
2. It comes with flexible splints that offer added grip and support to the lower back.
3. It can be worn during daily routines.
4. The lumbar belt is also an excellent prophylactic aid.

1. The perfect solution for relieving lower back pain in the lumbar and sacral regions.
2. Anatomical design for perfect fit, effective immobilization, and increased comfort.
3. Semi-rigid splints come already shaped to ensure perfect posture and strong immobilization.
4. Double pull elastic straps are made from monofilament striped elastic.
5. The mechanism is light-weight, extremely porous, and provides a firm grip and strong compression.
6. The splint can be removed and reinserted as per immobilization needs.
7. Easy to apply and remove.
8. Light-weight, durable, with adjustable broad panels.
9. Has pleasing aesthetics and comes in multiple sizes.

1. The duration of wear should be as per the physician’s instructions.
2. In case you notice any of the following on wearing the belt, remove the belt and contact your doctor immediately:
3. Redness,
4. Bruising, and blistering
5. In case of discomfort or pain, check if the belt is too tight or too loose, or positioned too high or too low, and adjust accordingly.
6. In case the lumbar belt is rotating around the waist, you need to tighten it a bit more.
7. The wash care instructions are on the box, please read and follow them carefully.
8. Follow the instructions of the physician and the ones on the box meticulously.
9. Improper use and misuse of the product can lead to adverse consequences.
10. Keep out of the reach of children.

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