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The abdominal belt is a mild compression belt that offers support to the abdomen and provides compression to the abdominal muscles. The belt is multifarious. It can be used as a tummy trimmer post-delivery or as post-operative care to bind incisions after c-section or tummy tucks after ventral and umbilical hernia.

1.Separate the velcro straps and roll out the belt to make it ready for use.
2. Wrap the abdominal belt around your waist.
3. Fasten it securely around you using the velcro strips.
4. Make sure that the belt sits comfortably around your abdomen, not too loose, nor too tight.
5. See to it that you are able to breathe properly after wearing the belt and go to the washroom.
6. Make sure that drains and tubes are not pinched when fastening the belt.
7. Ensure that the lower edge of the belt is in tandem with your spine.
8. Make certain that the belt remains upright and in the correct position at all times.
9. Smooth out any wrinkles.
10. In the case of a C-section, stick the velcro from top to bottom.
11. In cases of tummy tucks and other abdominal surgeries, fasten the stomach belt from bottom up.

1. Compression belt to compress abdominal muscles and support abdomen.
2. Works as postoperative care, incision binder and protector, and abdominal slimmer.
3. Acts as stomach muscle tightener and provides mild compression to assist in trimming the tummy post-delivery.

4. As a postoperative abdominal binder, it is used to recover from a C-section.
5. The breathable stomach belt offers medical support to internal organs after kidney and hernia operations.
6. The abdominal binder is supposed to be worn over bandages and under the clothes unless instructed otherwise.

1. It is light in weight.
2. Its sleek construction allows it to go unnoticed while wearing it under the clothes.
3. The waist binder extends medical support and post-operative care to the internal organs.
4. The breathable stomach belt can be used as an abdominal slimmer as well.
5. It can be worn by men and women both.
6. The sole panel of elastic has porous webbing that allows proper ventilation thus providing comfort to the patient.
7. The stomach muscle tightening belt has a loose tape panel and broad hooks that make holding and adjusting the size, much easier.
8. It is easy to use.
9. Its aesthetics are pleasing to the eyes.
10. The nylon reeves at the edges prevent them from rolling over.

1. Use the abdominal binder until the doctor suggests and not before or after.
2. Wear the correctly sized abdominal belt, otherwise, it may irritate the skin and not work as needed.
3. Take care of the incision and the skin under the belt as directed.
4. Consult a doctor immediately the moment you notice any of the following on the skin under the stomach binder:
5. Redness, Warmth, Blisters, Rawness, Numbness, or swelling.
6. Contact the healthcare advisor in case the binder does not stay in place and frequently comes off.
7. Wash, dry, and care for your stomach belt as instructed on its packaging.
8. Keep it away from children.

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