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About Us

HexaFit - Specialized in Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Products

We at HexaFit understand that an injury can become a life burden to some and take away their freedom. Thus, we engineered Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Products to give them back the comfortable life that they didn’t expect to live anymore. 

HexaFit's Range

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Comfortable to Wear

Our Top 3 Products

Abdominal Belt

The abdominal belt is a mild compression belt that offers support to the abdomen and provides compression to the abdominal muscles.

Cervical Collar Soft

Hard collars are used to support person’s neck after the injury. Can also be used by patients suffering from neck strain.

Used for problems related to knee. It provides compression, warmth and support to your knee joint.

Why Customers Prefer us ?

Experiencing our products quality, customers have given us more preference than the other well known brands in the market.
Our value for money products with quality have made them prefer us.

Value for money

Hexafit offers the best value for money with the combination of the best in the class products that comes with a long life at a competitive price.

Comfortable to wear

Orthopedic issues come with extreme discomfort and pain that restricts both movement and pain at times. However, with Hexafit, designed to give maximum comfort and painless recovery, the process of treatment starts with relief.

Superior Quality

The materials used are tested well for the brand to assure both comfort for the skin and the muscle. The products are soft yet strong enough to increase the recovery rate for orthopedic treatment without compromising on the pain relief and skin tolerance.

Longivity of products

Considering how some rehabilitation products are required for regular use, the products are designed to be passed onto generations. The materials used on the exterior, along with giving comfort resists wear and tear, making the life of the products very high.